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AC Repair Las Vegas

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7 months ago
I called this company to fix an ac leak I had coming from the attic that was leaking into the hallway. When Carl showed up he was very courteous to cover his shoes so dirt & mud wasn’t left on my floors unlike other contractors in the past. After about an hour or so he came down and gave me the verdict. He was able to fix the leak but let me know to consider shopping around for a new condenser replacement. I’ve yet to do that but when I find a decent option I will be calling Carl back to install it as he could have easily upsold me on something I didn’t need right away.
- Maureen M
6 months ago
Honest reliable a winner
- The G

Best AC Repair Las Vegas

Have you been looking for a dependable HVAC company in the Las Vegas area that can become part of your business’ team? LV Cooling has over eight years of HVAC repair and installation experience, and we are happy to help your business with all of your air conditioning repair needs in Las Vegas. To get a better understanding of what we have to offer in our air conditioning repair commercial services package, keep reading. 

Why Would Businesses Need Air Conditioning Repair or Installation Services? 

If you are accustomed to only calling professionals when there is an emergency, there is a chance that you are losing money in the long-term. By having a relationship with an HVAC company, you can be assured that when disaster strikes, you are ahead of the game. For example, an HVAC company that prioritizes you as a client will have backup parts on hand for emergencies that fit your exact model of air conditioning. 

They will also be able to help you with preventative measures that increase the life of your air conditioning units. Finally, having a long-term relationship with an HVAC company will come in handy if you are trying to determine when a new AC installation is necessary. After all, you do not want your unit to break during the hottest days of the year without a clue about which systems to install or how much they would cost. 

What Are The Benefits of Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Throughout The Year? 

Adding oil to the motor is not the only thing an air conditioner maintenance visit entails for a commercial business. For instance, other areas of the unit need to be inspected such as the outdoor units and power supplies. The unit itself will need to be inspected to ensure there are no dried leaves or debris on the outside causing it to draw more power than necessary. 

Electrical outlets and other wiring will also need to be inspected to ensure they do not pose other types of risks. Along these lines, HVAC maintenance can include air quality facts such as inspecting vents, ducts and other components of the HVAC unit. Common issues found in HVAC ducts are mold, unwanted extra moisture or debris. All of these issues can be prevented by air conditioning service Las Vegas Nevada pros. 

What To Expect From Air Conditioning Repairs 

When we have a long-term relationship with a commercial client, we work hard to ensure we have expert knowledge of the type of air conditioning units already on the site. This means knowing how to repair the unit, and also knowing which types of replacement parts need to be readily available for the near future. 

Regardless, we also know when to tell our clients that their air conditioning unit has stop functioning normally, and is now causing more costs than necessary. This means that we will help you to find the right model for installation instead of continuously charging you for repairs that we know will only increase in the near future. 

Suggesting a replacement is often a way to save money in the long-term for a commercial business. For this reason we also work hard to find the lowest prices for our customers through our relationships with commercial AC companies. 

How Is Commercial HVAC Different? 

Simply put, when you are dealing with bigger spaces, it is important to have the proper knowledge related to fixing larger motors. Commercial HVAC specialist may also need to have training in electrical work. This means that a commercial HVAC team may have twice the education as the air conditioning specialist that shows up at your house. The vast square footage of commercial businesses immediately predicts the HVAC units will use a lot of electrical power, and regular home-based HVAC unit specialist are simply out of their league in this situation. 

Do I Need a Window AC Specialist For A Commercial Business?

One of the common misconceptions about commercial businesses is that they will never need a window unit. More often than not, behind the retail floor of the business, there are several storage spaces or work spaces. The employees that work in these spaces are often cut off from the HVAC unit used for the front of the house. They may also be working around equipment that produces a lot of extra heat. In these cases, it may be necessary to cool down rooms more often. Having window units installed ensures everyone has as much cooled air as they need, when they need it. 

Common Reasons To Call a Commercial HVAC Specialist 

Are you looking at this list right now because you cannot figure out if it is the right time to call in an emergency HVAC specialist to your business? When your AC is blowing hot air, it is very clear you need to call a specialist. Unfortunately, other signs you need to call an AC repair business in Las Vegas are more subtle. A few of the warning signs include hearing weird noises coming from the vents, smelling a metallic odor, seeing moisture blow out of the vents and also seeing a leaking AC unit. 

What To Expect During a AC Maintenance Visit From LVCooling

When we show up at your business as AC repair Las Vegas NV, pros, everyone will see they are working with professionals right away. We park in available parking spaces far away from the entrance so that your customers can have the space they need to access your business. When we come inside, we work hard to look professional by wearing clean uniforms with our company logo. 

Our staff are courtesy-oriented, and we work hard to make sure your staff and clients are happy with our presence. During our maintenance visits, we try to keep a low profile and only interact with staff if necessary. Before we make any repairs, we let the appropriate staff member know the situation so they can get the permission to make the repair. Our ultimate goal is to keep your utilities low by helping you to have an optimally operating system at all times. 

Let Us Help You Save Money on HVAC Commercial Services 

When customers are depending on you to have cooled air after a day in the triple digits, we are here to provide. We can ensure your merchandise stays in the best conditions because your air conditioning is always working correctly. Do not allow your employees, clients or business to suffer because you do not have a reliable relationship with a commercial HVAC specialist. Our AC repair Las Vegas NV staff are ready to help, and they will fit in with your professional environment. Our transparent pricing will help to keep your books within budget, and you will appreciate how we have a detail-oriented reputation. 

To get started with emergency or long-term air conditioning maintenance, repairs or installation, give us a call today. We will be more than happy to go over our terms, and you will feel confident about your business’ image knowing that you have air conditioning service Las Vegas Nevada pros on your side.

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